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I created all the music, concepts, script, AI voices, etc. (With the notable exception of stealing part of a song by The Who in the first video.)

Please wear earbuds. You'll miss half of everything without them.

An ad to promote a kid's program at my friend's karate studio.

Quick ad my buddy asked me to do for his karate studio.

Another quick ad for his studio.

Satirical ad with a famous actress's AI voice I built.

This two-minute-long self-indulgent madness is a satirical extended web promo for a needlessly expensive item geared toward a certain type of man with way too much money. The AI voice is solid.

Serious ad I pitched to a friend of a friend. He said it was "too polished", whatever the hell that means, but on the bright side, he's also a terrible person. This AI voice is so realistic it's unsettling, but my best work.

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