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The Mission

SILENCED BY STIGMA began as a podcast focused on a challenging topic: an intense, detailed examination of childhood sexual abuse, its impact on victims, their loved ones, and our society.

Research finds that when sexual abuse survivors hear other stories, they’re more likely to start to open up and seek treatment.

Our mission is to create a safe environment for survivors of sexual abuse to stand up and speak out. We advocate for men who experience unwanted or abusive sexual experiences and help them live happier healthier lives.

We serve survivors, their families, and loved ones, and allied partner organizations with victims' support and prevention resources and training programs.

The Story

Michael Mourachian founded the SILENCED BY STIGMA podcast and support organization. Michael grew up in an abusive household with a violent mother. He was molested by his female babysitter when he was ten and was sexually abused for a year by an adult female neighbor. That abuse resulted in a pregnancy with unknown paternity, an HIV scare, and profound emotional damage that was ignored by his parents, a family counselor, and other adults who were aware of the situation.

Shortly after, Michael became highly suicidal and began drinking and using drugs regularly - which was only exacerbated by a career in the bar business; after 29 years of alcohol and drug abuse and sexually compulsive behavior, Michael got sober in 2017 and has remained so.

Through therapy, he’s discovered the toll the abuse has taken on his mental and physical health, as well as his relationships and professional life. He’s now focusing his efforts on shining a light on the connection between abuse and addiction and the often-dismissed issue of female sexual offenders.


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