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Michael Mourachian

Certified Trauma Support Specialist and founder of SILENCED BY STIGMA, Michael was raised by an emotionally unstable and violent mother, molested by his female babysitter, and sexually abused by an adult female neighbor, the fallout from which fueled three decades of reckless behavior and unmitigated rage. 


Through therapy, he’s discovered the toll abuse has taken on his mental and physical health, personal relationships, and professional life. He is now focusing his efforts on helping ease the silent burden placed upon victims by the horror of abuse. 

Michael's story is featured in the SILENCED BY STIGMA podcast episode, Begging for an HIV Test. 

Eric Jennings

Trauma-Informed Blogger and Social Media Co-Manager for MenHealing, the first organization to focus exclusively on men victimized by sexual abuse, Eric lives in Oakland, California, writing poetry and working as a yoga instructor. 

“I think the deepest harm I experienced resulted from keeping my childhood abuse a secret for so long. It wasn’t until I was able to tell my story that I finally was able to heal.”

Eric's story is featured in the SILENCED BY STIGMA podcast episode, No, No, No. Please No.


Rosalyn Mihalko

Certified Trauma Support Specialist and Inclusion & Outreach Director, Rosalyn is a playwright and screenwriter in Los Angeles. She recently found the courage to live as her true self, a queer, transgender woman, and is using her talent to bring more stories of survival onto the stage and out into the world.


Through the help of her thirty-year friendship with Michael Mourachian and his organization, she correctly identified the grooming and sexual abuse she was subjected to at the hands of two trusted high school teachers. 


“Growing up, I often felt like an outcast. That early feeling of isolation and loneliness made me and countless others vulnerable to sexual predators. My hope is our work will heal trauma and prevent further damage by building an open community for fellow survivors.”


Rosalyn’s story is featured in the SILENCED BY STIGMA podcast episode, No, We Were F*#@ing Assaulted


Willis Atherley-Bourne

Therapeutic Director and Integrative Psychotherapist in the UK, Willis, has a background in developing, evaluating, and delivering support services for survivors of sexual abuse and violent trauma. His focus is on reducing toxic shame and stigma for survivors and championing spaces for dialogues to exist.


“Throughout personal therapy and therapist training, I’ve learned how to transform my childhood pain of survivor hood into energies that encourage others to redefine their Self in nurturing and nourishing ways to promote healing. As a man of African-Caribbean decent, I appreciate the challenges of navigating and negotiating the borders that impact our aim to be whole.”

Willis' extensive academic and professional background is listed by the Priory Group.

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